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Transparência na Iniciativa
"Recomeça UFCSPA"

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Transparency is a fundamental pillar for the success of our "Recomeça UFCSPA" initiative. We are committed to ensuring that all financial actions and transactions are conducted in a clear and accessible manner for all interested parties. To this end, we adopted a series of measures that aim to provide visibility and confidence regarding the use of resources and the execution of activities.

Publication of the total collected (available on the "Home" page)

On our home page, we will display the total raised updated daily. This continuous update will allow everyone to track fundraising progress in real time, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and encouraging participation and contributions from new donors. By keeping this information visible and updated, we promote a stronger and more immediate connection with our community, demonstrating the direct impact of the donations received.


Publication of Bank Statements (available in the "Transparency" menu tab)
To ensure financial transparency, bank statements for the account receiving donations will be published weekly. These statements will be available for registration and review by all interested parties, allowing detailed monitoring of all financial transactions. This practice will ensure that donors and the community can verify the correct application of resources.

Newsletters (available on our website under "Reliable Information" and on our Instagram)
All actions carried out by the initiative will be documented and disseminated through newsletters. These bulletins will be published regularly on the initiative's official website ( and on our Instagram profile (@recomecaufcspa). This way, we will always keep the community informed about progress and activities developed, strengthening engagement and trust.


Detailed Monthly Reports (available in the "Transparency" menu tab)
On a monthly basis, we will provide detailed reports on our actions. These reports will be accessible online in the "Transparency" tab on our website. They will contain detailed information about the activities carried out, resources used and the results achieved, providing a complete view of the impact and effectiveness of our initiatives.


Documentation with Photos and Videos (available in action newsletters and on Instagram)
To ensure clarity and visibility of our actions, all activities will be documented through photos and videos. This material will be published on the initiative's social networks, along with statements proving the associated expenses. This visual approach not only increases transparency, but also engages the community in a more direct and interactive way.


Revised Information and Safe Sources (sources will always be placed in publications in a visible way)
All information published on our website will be carefully reviewed and based on reliable sources. We want to ensure that our data and reporting is accurate and reliable, promoting the integrity and credibility of the initiative. This commitment to the accuracy and veracity of information is essential to maintaining the trust of our supporters and the community at large.


Through these transparency practices, the "Recomeça UFCSPA" initiative is committed to maintaining an open and honest dialogue with everyone involved, ensuring that each contribution and effort is recognized and valued.

List of bank statements

Statements are collected weekly and published on the website, for total transparency of bank transactions related to the "Recomeça UFCSPA" initiative. By clicking on the icon you will have access to the PDF described.

Day of withdrawal of bank statement.

List of detailed action reports

By clicking on the icon, you will have access to the detailed action report. All have a publication and update date.

Report description, date. (Last update: date)

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