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Visual identity

The logo features a distinctive blue shape, evocative of the floods that hit the region. This shape refers to the floods frequently highlighted in newspapers, often superimposed on maps of other states, emphasizing the relevance of the problem.

Within the blue shape, several people are marking points or cities affected by the floods, symbolizing the solidarity and unity of the community in the face of these challenges.

The colors used in the logo are those of the flag of Rio Grande do Sul, representing the regional and cultural identity of the UFCSPA community. This choice also reflects the geographic breadth of the community, which is not limited to just the metropolitan region, but covers the entire state.

Logos APG (26).png


Our mission is to collect data from the UFCSPA academic community affected by the 2024 floods and provide support in both the short and long term, offering essential valuables, supplies and electronics to flood victims in the UFCSPA community. Additionally, we seek to clarify information about health and insurance financial issues following environmental disasters, as well as connect flood victims with free psychological support.


Our vision is to be a reliable and comprehensive source of support for flood victims in the UFCSPA academic community, seeking to not only meet their immediate needs but also empower them for long-term recovery and reconstruction. We aim to be recognized as a reference point for solidarity, providing holistic and sustainable assistance in times of crisis.


Union: We believe in the power of solidarity and collective collaboration. We seek to unite efforts and resources to support flood victims, building a strong and resilient community that supports each other in difficult times.

Equity: We defend justice and equal opportunities for all flood victims, regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity or any other characteristic. We prioritize the fair and transparent distribution of resources, ensuring that everyone receives the support they need.


Empathy: We put ourselves in the shoes of flood victims, recognizing their pain, challenges and emotional needs. We prioritize a compassionate and sensitive approach, providing referrals for free psychological support and creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels heard and understood.


Transparency: We are committed to transparency in all our operations and communications. We keep donors informed about how their donations are being used and ensure that all our actions are carried out with integrity and responsibility.


Resilience: We value resilience and the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. We encourage flood victims to recover and rebuild their lives, providing them with the support they need to face challenges with determination and hope.

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